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Fantasy Story is a tight, punchy platformer with more than 80 rooms across four distinct zones, all employing unique mechanics to make for new challenges. Enemies are varied and tough and there are plenty of secrets to uncover. The world is deep, rich and ready to explore. 

This world was once full of adventurers. They were bright, vibrant and strong, running over fields, through caves, and across the arctic tundra, questing for glory and immeasurable bounty. Now these lands lay barren, crawling with beasts and fiends. The terrible warlock Drasorin slew the great heroes and unleashed his minions upon your home. Those that remain live sheltered lives, terrified of the day when Drasorin comes to claim them as well. 
It is up to you, to avenge your home and restore order. Using a sword left to you by the greatest of the adventurers, you must follow the footsteps of your dead heroes. You’ll face endless peril with few safe havens, and fewer friends, to be found. You’ll fight seas of foes and overcome great obstacles to bring justice to the doorstep of the fiend Drasorin

The poets of triumph, glory, and legend are ready… are you?

   xInput controller support

  Steam Achievements (Full version)

 Four unique zones

  Tons of challenges

  Buttery smooth platforming

   Weapon upgrade system

Controls -  Keyboard:

  • Jump / Dialogue advance / Confirm - Z 
  • Attack - X
  • Pause - Escape
  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Down + Jump - Jump through platforms
  • Up - Enter shops / Talk to NPCS / Read signs

Controls -  Controller (Xbox):

  • Jump / Dialogue advance / Confirm - A 
  • Attack - X
  • Pause - Start
  • Move - DPad
  • Dpad Down + Jump - Jump through platforms
  • DPad Up - Enter shops / Talk to NPCS / Read signs

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