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Fantasy Story

Defeat the evil Sorcerer to save a town on the brink of destruction. · By ArenDev


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5/16/2020 Update - Big Changes!
Hey all! So, it has been a minute since I last did an Itch Update. I have been very busy working on refining the game for a “Vertical Slice” style demo. Thi...
Update 4/16/2020 - Steam is live! :D
Hey guys! Here is the weekly update. There are a few updates and fixes, as well as a huge announcement! :D Fixes: Can no longer pause while jumping Fixed positi...
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Steam page is live! :D
Hey all! So, some awesome news! The Steam page is live! There will still be frequent updates here, but now there is also a Steam page! Please go and wishlist it...
Update: 4/9/2020
Hey all! It's update day! I have a round of updates, feature additions, and QoL changes for Fantasy Story. Some of these were requested by Reddit Users over las...
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Update: 04-01-2020
Hey all, It's Update time! First I want to say, thanks everyone who played the game demo. I was so surprised to get so much exposure. It wasn't much in comparis...
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Tech Discussion - Jump mechanics
So I thought I would do a little talk about the game and what has gone into making it. Today I am going to go over Jumping in the game! So, this seems mundane r...
Itch Page and Demo - Live! :D
Hey all! This is the first post I am making on this new page. Fantasy Story is a project I have put a pretty good deal of time into, and it is something I could...
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Please go wishlist if you like it! <3
started by ArenDev Apr 15, 2020
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