Update: 04-01-2020

Hey all, It's Update time!

First I want to say, thanks everyone who played the game demo. I was so surprised to get so much exposure. It wasn't much in comparison to some games or creators, but for me it was a lot! I have been working on some updates, bug fixes, and more content for the game. Please try it out!


  • Weapon Upgrade System
    • You can now purchase weapons from some NPC's!
    • They often have more reach or do more damage than the base weapon!
  • New artwork for the shop keepers.
  • Main menu music
  • Revamped pause menu
    • Has 3 tabs to show stats, game progress, and options


  • Attack knockback on enemies applies more correctly
  • Can no longer pause in dialogue
  • many ui fixes
  • can no longer collide with solid surfaces from behind while attacking

I am working on adding and refining more of the game. I hope you all enjoy! Share with your friends. <3


FantasyStoryDemo.zip 117 MB
Apr 01, 2020


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Katana time :D