Update: 4/9/2020

Hey all!

It's update day! I have a round of updates, feature additions, and QoL changes for Fantasy Story. Some of these were requested by Reddit Users over last weekend, where the game got a lot of attention! That was super cool and meant a lot to me. Thanks to all those who played it. 


  • Camera look Up and Down
    • When standing still, you can hold up or down to pan the camera and see ahead for the next jump!
    • Camera will reset after a period of time, or if input is detected!
  • New artwork - 
    • We have been hard at work bringing new sprite work to the game, and it looks great! 
  • Weapon upgrades
    • You can find NPCs that sell weapons that can be stronger or have more reach than your starting weapon. 
    • These of course cost gold, so start saving. ;)


  • Various UI fixes and enhancments
  • Performance updates 

I hope you all will try out the new demo and share it with your friends! :D

Steam page is coming soon, so stay tuned for that! I also have a new tech discussion post I am working on if you would like to know more about the backend of the game.

Until next time,



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Apr 09, 2020

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