5/16/2020 Update - Big Changes!

Hey all!

So, it has been a minute since I last did an Itch Update. I have been very busy working on refining the game for a “Vertical Slice” style demo. This is for the Steam Summer Festival that will be starting on June 6th. Some gameplay changes, revised spritework, new areas, ui changes, and a Boss battle!


  • Player no longer falls upon entering a new room
  • Pause menu is now a status menu with tabs
  • Weapons can be purchased and swapped in the status menu
  • SFX level toggle
  • BGM level toggle
  • Boss battle
  • New area added
  • Added town to world menu
  • goblin sprite added
  • new sfx
  • menu now has sfx
  • added arrows to status menu

Please play, enjoy, and let me know if you find any bugs! :D

Until next time, ~Kei

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