State Of The Art Virus Protection for the new Millennium!

TCGD Antivirus '98 is the best software to really take control and destroy those pesky viruses and Memory flooding applications.

About This Software:

  • Made for Ludum Dare 42!
    • Theme: Running out of Space.
  • Take Control of our patented Anti-Malware avatar and manually destroy them clearing your computer's memory!
  • If the memory fills up or the Avatar takes too much damage, TCGD '98 will crash!
  • The computer is constantly spawning memory eating viruses and you must destroy the spawners to keep the computer from filling up!
    • As you destroy spawners, closed doors will become open and you can fight the boss virus! 


  • Movement
    • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Shooting:
    • Space
  • Pause:
    • Escape

Team Members!

Known Bugs!

  • The Web Build has expanded memory allocated, so some lower end machines and browsers may get an issue. We didn't have time to test all the browsers.
    • For users who experience problems, We are uploading a executable version!
  • Sometimes enemies can apply force to player.


Download 23 MB